Various Blood-boosting Medications and Side Effects

Anemia or anemia can be treated by taking blood-boosting drugs and consuming a high-iron food intake. But before taking blood booster drugs, know the various types and side effects. Blood booster medication is intended to overcome blood deficiencies, such as anemia and neutropenia. Anemia occurs when blood does not have enough red blood cells or hemoglobin, which is the main part of red blood cells that bind oxygen. As a result, cells in the body will not get enough oxygen. While neutropenia is a condition in which the number of neutrophil white blood cells in the body is low or below the normal number. Neutrophils play a role in fighting infections, especially those caused by bacteria and fungi. Blood Enhancing Medication for Anemia Iron, vitamin B12 and folate To produce red blood cells, the body needs the intake of iron nutrients, vitamin B12 and folate. When these three substances are not fulfilled from daily nutritional intake, then the body can experience anemia. I
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